Geoff Goddard: Brief portrait and list of compositions (2/2)

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Below you find in order of chronology all compositions by Geoff Goddard as well as the interprets of the first recordings; among them a couple of recordings not produced by Meek. Goddard himself made only four 45s under his own name, a fifth one under the pseudonym Percy Evanston is to be handled with care (see note ###).

In all probability there are further demo recordings hidden in the tea chests, but currently they are still unknown (more on this see here).


G: Geoff Goddard

M: Joe Meek


Date Title Artist Label Number Composer
61-06 Lone Rider (instr.) Flee-Rekkers Piccadilly 7N 35006 A G
61-07 Johnny Remember Me Leyton, John Top Rank JAR 577 A G
61-09 Tribute To Buddy Holly Berry, Mike & Outlaws HMV POP 912 A G
61-09 Wild Wind Leyton, John Top Rank JAR 585 A G
61-10 Girl Bride Goddard, Geoff HMV POP 938 A G
61-10 Seventeen Come Sunday Temple, Gerry HMV POP 939 A G
61-11 It's Goodbye Then Leyton, John HMV CLP 1497 G
61-11 Oh Lover Leyton, John HMV CLP 1497 G
61-11 Voodoo Woman Leyton, John HMV CLP 1497 G
61-12 Two Timing Baby (*) Carter, Lewis & Southerners Ember S 145 A White/G
61-12 Son This Is She Leyton, John HMV POP 956 A G
61-12 Six White Horses Leyton, John HMV POP 956 B G
62-?? My Boy's Crazy 'Bout Elvis (##) Boyle, Billy Decca F 11503 A G
62-?? Tell Me (*) Carter, Lewis & Southerners Ember S 165 A G
62-?? Journey To Midnight (#) Rockets HMV HR 198 G
62-?? Come Inside (#) Sarne, Mike Parlophone PMC 1187 G
62-?? Dracula's Castle (#) Sarne, Mike Parlophone PMC 1187 G
62-?? He Knows You Know (#) Sarne, Mike Parlophone PMC 1187 G
62-?? Fountain Of Love (##) Sarne, Mike Parlophone R 4902 B G
62-?? Just As Long As You Belong To Me (#) Hill, Vince Piccadilly 7N 35068 B G
62-?? Here's Hopin'  Carter, Lewis & Southerners Piccadilly 7N 35085 A G
62-01 Little Boy Blue Berry, Mike & Admirals HMV POP 979 B G
62-03 Lone Rider (vocal) Leyton, John HMV POP 992 A G
62-04 Lonely City Leyton, John HMV POP 1014 A G
62-08 Jungle Fever Tornados Decca F 11494 B G
62-09 My Little Girl's Come Home Goddard, Geoff HMV POP 1068 A G
62-10 Lonely Johnny (**) Leyton, John HMV POP 1076 A G
62-11 Lover Please Believe Me (#) Grazina HMV POP 1094 A G
62-12 The Wonderful Story Of Love Hollywood, Kenny Decca F 11546 B G
62-12 Don't You Think It's Time Berry, Mike & Outlaws HMV POP 1105 A G/M
63-?? Lost Patrol (#) Blackwell, Charles Orch. Columbia DB 7139 B G
63-?? Chapel On The Hill (#) Fury, Billy Decca LK 4533 G
63-?? Don't You Make My Baby Cry (‡?) (###) Evanston, Percy (= Goddard) Southern Sound 117 A G
63-?? All Mine (‡?) (###) Evanston, Percy? (= Goddard) Southern Sound 117 B G?
63-02 If My Heart Were A Storybook Ventura, Toby Decca F 11581 A G/M
63-03 My Little Baby Berry, Mike HMV POP 1142 A G/M
63-03 Phantom Riders (#) Craven House Orch. (= Blackwell) Vee-Jay VJ 500 G
63-05 Who Told You Starr, Freddie & Midnighters Decca F 11663 A White/G
63-05 Saturday Dance Goddard, Geoff HMV POP 1160 A G
63-07 Just Like Eddie Heinz Decca F 11693 A G
63-07 On Lover's Hill (**?) Leyton, John HMV CLP 1664 G
63-09 Monster In Black Tights Screaming Lord Sutch Decca F 11747 B G/M
63-10 My Friend Bobby Blue, Pamela Decca F 11761 A G
63-10 Sky Men Goddard, Geoff HMV POP 1213 A G
63-11 Country Boy Heinz Decca F 11768 A G
63-11 Dodge City Ramblers Decca F 11775 A G
63-11 Merry-Go-Round Thorn, Gunilla HMV POP 1239 A G
64-02 You Were There Heinz Decca F 11831 A G
64-03 Hush-A-Bye Heinz Decca LK 4599 G
70-11 My Head Goes Around (#) Richard, Cliff Columbia SCX 6435 A4 G
I Beg To Heaven Drysdale, John & Riot Squad (‡) G
  Ridin' The Rails Dean, Billy (‡)   G
Three Boys Lookin' For Love Puppets (‡) G/M
  We'll Remember You Wells, Houston & Marksmen (‡)   G
Come Lasses And Lads (***) Goddard, Geoff G
  Come On You Sinners (***) Goddard, Geoff     G
Guess That's The Way It Goes (backing track ***) Goddard, Geoff G
  Here Comes The Good Times (***) Goddard, Geoff     G
Hushabye Baby (***) Goddard, Geoff G
  The Farmer's Boy (***) Goddard, Geoff     G
unidentified backing track (***) Goddard, Geoff G?



Meek was balance engineer, but not producer of the recording.

RGM resp. Meeksville production, but no contribution of Meek himself.
(For the recordings of John LEYTON from July 1962 on applies: The producer was Robert Stigwood, but probably this was not more than a formal arrangement.)

Demo, tea chest, unfinished or other recording.

The recording was not released within Meek's lifetime.

no Meek production

produced by Robert Stigwood

This 45 was allegedly released in 1963 in the U.S. and appears from time to time at some internet shops. The song Don't You Make My Baby Cry on side A is not at all bad. A couple of collectors book this record under "obscure and dubious"; I for my part, after listening to the recording several times and comparing it to other Goddard records and demos, tend to declare this recording authentic: I'm pretty sure the singer is Goddard, and it is a Meek production. However, whether this record is an authorized release and has been published really in the U.S. in 1963, is extremely questionable. Besides this, no information is available about singer, recording and composer of the flip side (All Mine). The accessible sources indicate that Goddard has probably nothing to do with this song.


Dates are related to the first release, in case of unreleased recordings to the recording date.


Info: Euterpe Jones, Thomas Meyer, Mark Newson, Chris Parkhurst, Jörg Richard, A.L. Whitehouse

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