Alle Joe-Meek-Aufnahmen, chronologisch

Complete Joe Meek recordings by order of chronology



  • Alle Aufnahmen, die Joe Meek produziert hat und die zu seinen Lebzeiten auf Platte oder als Filmsoundtrack veröffentlicht wurden;
  • plattenreif produzierte Aufnahmen, die zu seinen Lebzeiten unveröffentlicht blieben;
  • Aufnahmen, die Joe Meek nicht produziert, aber als "Balance Engineer" betreut hat (unvollständig; mit Sicherheit existieren weitere Aufnahmen dieser Kategorie, die Meek noch nicht zugeordnet werden konnten);
  • Demos, nicht fertiggestellte und sonstige Aufnahmen (inklusive einiger "T-Chest-Tapes").
  • Die Datumsangabe bezieht sich auf die Erstveröffentlichung, im Fall der unveröffentlichten Aufnahmen auf das Aufnahmedatum.
  • All recordings produced by Joe Meek which have been released on records or as film soundtrack within his lifetime;
  • finished recordings which have not been released within his lifetime;
  • recordings Joe Meek was involved in as balance engineer (incomplete; for sure there are further recordings of this category existing which couldn't be assigned to Meek up yet);
  • Demos, not finished and other recordings (including a couple of "T-Chest Tapes").
  • The date is related to the first release, in case of unreleased recordings) to the recording date.
  • Demos, not finished and other recordings (including a couple of "T-Chest Tapes").


Date Artist Title Label Number Composer
63-?? Ford, Mike & The Consuls Jump Jeremiah Piccadilly 7N 35127 A
63-?? Ford, Mike & The Consuls The Green Man Piccadilly 7N 35127 B  
63-?? Delamere, Gary A Girl Called Bonnie Carlton J 44??
63-?? Dooley Jr, Silas Clean, Clean, Clean nv   A
63-?? Dooley Jr, Silas Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket nv M/A
63-?? Dooley Jr, Silas It Feels Funny, It Feels Good nv   A
63-?? Dooley Jr, Silas Let Me In nv A
63-?? Dooley Jr, Silas Oh What A Party nv   A
63-?? Dooley Jr, Silas Out Behind The Barn nv M/A
63-?? Dooley Jr, Silas Signs And Posters nv   A
63-?? Dooley Jr, Silas The Bathroom nv M
63-?? Dooley Jr, Silas The Birds And The Bees nv   A
63-?? Dooley Jr, Silas There's Something At The Bottom Of The Garden nv M
63-?? Dooley Jr, Silas They're All Up To It nv   M
63-?? Dooley Jr, Silas You Just Can't Do It On Your Own nv A
63-?? Evanston, Percy Don't You Make My Baby Cry      
63-?? Goddard, Geoff My Friend Bobby (***)
63-01 Tornados Ridin' The Wind (US version) London 9581 A  
63-01 Tornados Globetrotter Decca F 11562 A M
63-01 Tornados Locomotion With Me Decca F 11562 B  
63-01 Lee, Jamie & Atlantics In The Night Decca F 11571 A M/A
63-01 Lee, Jamie & Atlantics Little Girl In Blue Decca F 11571 B A
63-01 Temple, Gerry Angel Face HMV POP 1114 A
63-01 Temple, Gerry Since You Went Away HMV POP 1114 B  
63-02 Flee-Rekkers Fireball Piccadilly 7N 35109 A
63-02 Flee-Rekkers Fandango Piccadilly 7N 35109 B  
63-02 Ventura, Toby If My Heart Were A Storybook Decca F 11581 A G/M
63-02 Ventura, Toby Vagabond Decca F 11581 B J
63-02 Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Totem Pole Decca F 11593 A M
63-02 Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Jaywalker Decca F 11593 B Jay/M
63-02 Leyton, John Cupboard Love (**) HMV POP 1122 A
63-02 Leyton, John Land Of Love (**) HMV POP 1122 B  
63-02 Outlaws Return Of The Outlaws HMV POP 1124 A M
63-02 Outlaws Texan Spiritual HMV POP 1124 B M/Jay
63-03 Sands, Wes There's Lots More Where This Came From Columbia DB 4996 A
63-03 Sands, Wes Three Cups Columbia DB 4996 B M
63-03 Tornados Chasing Moonbeams Decca DFE 8521 A1
63-03 Tornados Theme From «A Summer Place» Decca DFE 8521 A2  
63-03 Tornados Swinging Beefeater Decca DFE 8521 B1 M
63-03 Tornados The Breeze And I Decca DFE 8521 B2  
63-03 Tornados Life On Venus (German version) Decca DL 25105 B M
63-03 Screaming Lord Sutch Jack The Ripper Decca F 11598 A  
63-03 Screaming Lord Sutch Don't You Just Know It Decca F 11598 B
63-03 Charles, Don Angel Of Love Decca F 11602 A M
63-03 Charles, Don Lucky Star Decca F 11602 B
63-03 Checkmates You've Got To Have A Gimmick Today Decca F 11603 A M
63-03 Checkmates West Point Decca F 11603 B
63-03 Tornados Robot Decca F 11606 A M
63-03 Tornados Life On Venus Decca F 11606 B M
63-03 Holland, Tony Sidewalk HMV POP 1135 A  
63-03 Holland, Tony Time Goes By HMV POP 1135 B M
63-03 Cox, Michael Don't You Break My Heart HMV POP 1137 A M
63-03 Cox, Michael Hark, Is That A Cannon I Hear HMV POP 1137 B
63-03 Berry, Mike My Little Baby HMV POP 1142 A G/M
63-03 Berry, Mike You'll Do It, You'll Fall In Love HMV POP 1142 B M
63-04 Dowlands & The Soundtracks Breakup Oriole CB 1815 A  
63-04 Dowlands & The Soundtracks A Love Like Ours Oriole CB 1815 B
63-04 Charles, Don Heart's Ice Cold Decca F 11645 A  
63-04 Charles, Don Daybreak Decca F 11645 B Charles/M
63-04 Tornados All The Stars In The Sky Decca LK 4524 M
63-04 Carson, Chad They Were Wrong HMV POP 1156 A M
63-04 Carson, Chad Stop Picking On Me HMV POP 1156 B M
63-05 Heinz Dreams Do Come True Decca F 11652 A M
63-05 Heinz Been Invited To A Party Decca F 11652 B M/Heinz
63-05 Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Poet And Peasant Decca F 11659 A
63-05 Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Oo La La Decca F 11659 B M
63-05 Tornados The Ice Cream Man Decca F 11662 A M
63-05 Tornados Theme From «The Scales Of Justice» Decca F 11662 B  
63-05 Starr, Freddie & Midnighters Who Told You Decca F 11663 A White/G
63-05 Starr, Freddie & Midnighters Peter Gunn Locomotion Decca F 11663 B  
63-05 Goddard, Geoff Saturday Dance HMV POP 1160 A G
63-05 Goddard, Geoff Come Back To Me HMV POP 1160 B M
63-05 Collins, Glenda I Lost My Heart At The Fairground HMV POP 1163 A M
63-05 Collins, Glenda I Feel So Good HMV POP 1163 B  
63-05 Wells, Houston & Marksmen Only The Heartaches Parlophone R 5031 A
63-05 Wells, Houston & Marksmen Can't Stop Pretending Parlophone R 5031 B  
63-06 Moss, Jenny Hobbies Columbia DB 7061 A
63-06 Moss, Jenny Big Boys Columbia DB 7061 B M
63-06 Leyton, John Eine kann meine nur sein (The Great Escape March) (**) Electrola E 22540 A
63-06 Leyton, John Einmal ist keinmal  (I'll Cut Your Tail Off) (**) Electrola E 22540 B  
63-06 Bailey, Burr & Six-Shooters San Francisco Bay Decca F 11686 A
63-06 Bailey, Burr & Six-Shooters Like A Bird Without Feathers Decca F 11686 B M/Lawrence
63-06 Original Checkmates Union Pacific Decca F 11688 A
63-06 Original Checkmates The Spy Decca F 11688 B  
63-06 Leyton, John I'll Cut Your Tail Off (**) HMV POP 1175 A
63-06 Leyton, John The Great Escape March (**) HMV POP 1175 B  
63-07 Cavell, Andy Andy Pye 7N 15539 A M
63-07 Cavell, Andy There Was A Boy Pye 7N 15539 B  
63-07 Saints Wipeout Pye 7N 15548 A
63-07 Saints Midgets Pye 7N 15548 B  
63-07 Packabeats Dream Lover Pye 7N 15549 A
63-07 Packabeats Packabeat Pye 7N 15549 B  
63-07 Leyton, John A Man Is Not Supposed To Cry (**) HMV CLP 1664
63-07 Leyton, John Another Man (**) HMV CLP 1664  
63-07 Leyton, John Buona Sera (**) HMV CLP 1664
63-07 Leyton, John Funny Man (**) HMV CLP 1664  
63-07 Leyton, John How Will It End? (**?) HMV CLP 1664
63-07 Leyton, John I'm Gonna Let My Hair Down (**) HMV CLP 1664  
63-07 Leyton, John Johnny, My Johnny (**?) HMV CLP 1664 M
63-07 Leyton, John Lover's Lane (**) HMV CLP 1664  
63-07 Leyton, John On Lover's Hill (**?) HMV CLP 1664 G
63-07 Leyton, John Sweet And Tender Romance (**?) HMV CLP 1664  
63-07 Leyton, John That's The Way It Is (**) HMV CLP 1664
63-07 Leyton, John Too Many Late Nights (**) HMV CLP 1664  
63-07 Tornados Ready Teddy Decca DFE 8533 A1
63-07 Tornados My Babe Decca DFE 8533 A2  
63-07 Tornados Blue Moon Of Kentucky Decca DFE 8533 B1
63-07 Tornados Long Tall Sally Decca DFE 8533 B2  
63-07 Thunderbolts March Of The Spacemen Dot DOA 16496 A M
63-07 Thunderbolts Lost Planet Dot DOA 16496 B  
63-07 Heinz Just Like Eddie Decca F 11693 A G
63-07 Heinz Don't You Knock On My Door Decca F 11693 B  
63-07 Bennett, Cliff & The Rebel Rousers Everybody Loves A Lover Parlophone R 5046 A
63-07 Bennett, Cliff & The Rebel Rousers My Old Standby Parlophone R 5046 B  
63-08 Cameos Powercut Columbia DB 7092 A
63-08 Cameos High Low And Handsomely Columbia DB 7092 B  
63-08 Sounds Incorporated Keep Moving Decca F 11723 A M
63-08 Sounds Incorporated Order Of The Keys Decca F 11723 B D
63-08 Tornados Alan’s Tune Decca LK 4552
63-08 Tornados Chattanooga Choo Choo Decca LK 4552  
63-08 Tornados Cootenanny Decca LK 4552
63-08 Tornados Costa Monger Decca LK 4552  
63-08 Tornados Dreams Do Come True Decca LK 4552 M
63-08 Tornados Flycatcher Decca LK 4552  
63-08 Tornados Hymn For Teenagers Decca LK 4552 M/Lawrence
63-08 Tornados Indian Brave Decca LK 4552 M
63-08 Tornados Lonely Paradise Decca LK 4552
63-08 Tornados Lullaby For Giulia Decca LK 4552  
63-08 Tornados Night Rider Decca LK 4552
63-08 Tornados Rip It Up Decca LK 4552  
63-08 Berry, Mike It Really Doesn't Matter HMV POP 1194 A M
63-08 Berry, Mike Try A Little Bit Harder HMV POP 1194 B  
63-08 Outlaws That Set The Wild West Free HMV POP 1195 A M
63-08 Outlaws Hobo HMV POP 1195 B  
63-09 Puppets Everybody's Talking Pye 7N 15556 A
63-09 Puppets Poison Ivy Pye 7N 15556 B  
63-09 Ambassadors Surfin' John Brown Dot DOA 16528 A Trad, arr. M
63-09 Ambassadors Big Breaker Dot DOA 16528 B M
63-09 Beat Boys That's My Plan Decca F 11730 A
63-09 Beat Boys Third Time Lucky Decca F 11730 B  
63-09 Tornados Dragonfly Decca F 11745 A
63-09 Screaming Lord Sutch I'm A Hog For You Decca F 11747 A  
63-09 Screaming Lord Sutch Monster In Black Tights Decca F 11747 B G/M
63-10 Cox, Michael I've Been Thinking HMV 7EGS 296 A2  
63-10 Cox, Michael In This Lonesome Old House HMV 7EGS 296 B1
63-10 Heinz I Get Up In The Morning Decca DFE 8545 A1 M
63-10 Heinz Talk Like A Man Decca DFE 8545 A2
63-10 Heinz That Lucky Old Sun Decca DFE 8545 B1  
63-10 Heinz Lonely River Decca DFE 8545 B2 M
63-10 Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Kansas City Decca F 11757 A  
63-10 Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Parade Of The Tin Soldiers Decca F 11757 B
63-10 Blue, Pamela My Friend Bobby Decca F 11761 A G
63-10 Blue, Pamela Hey There Stranger Decca F 11761 B M
63-10 Goddard, Geoff Sky Men HMV POP 1213 A G
63-10 Goddard, Geoff Walk With Me My Angel HMV POP 1213 B M
63-10 Cox, Michael Gee What A Party HMV POP 1220 A  
63-10 Cox, Michael Say That Again HMV POP 1220 B
63-10 Wells, Houston & Marksmen Blowin' Wild Parlophone R 5069 A  
63-10 Wells, Houston & Marksmen Crazy Dreams Parlophone R 5069 B
63-11 Saints Husky Team Pye 7N 15582 A D
63-11 Saints Pigtails Pye 7N 15582 B
63-11 Heinz Live It Up Decca DFE 8559 A1 M
63-11 Heinz Don't You Understand Decca DFE 8559 A2 M
63-11 Heinz When Your Loving Goes Wrong Decca DFE 8559 B2 M
63-11 Heinz Country Boy Decca F 11768 A G
63-11 Heinz Long Tall Jack Decca F 11768 B M/Lawrence
63-11 Ramblers Dodge City Decca F 11775 A G
63-11 Ramblers Just For Chicks Decca F 11775 B  
63-11 Starr, Freddie & Midnighters Shaking Time Decca F 11786 A
63-11 Starr, Freddie & Midnighters Baby Blue Decca F 11786 B D
63-11 Leyton, John Beautiful Dreamer (**) HMV POP 1230 A
63-11 Leyton, John I Guess You Are Always On My Mind (**) HMV POP 1230 B  
63-11 Collins, Glenda If You've Gotta Pick A Baby HMV POP 1233 A M
63-11 Collins, Glenda In The First Place HMV POP 1233 B  
63-11 Thorn, Gunilla Merry-Go-Round HMV POP 1239 A G
63-11 Thorn, Gunilla Go On Then HMV POP 1239 B M
63-12 Dowlands Lucky Johnny Oriole CB 1892 A
63-12 Dowlands & The Soundtracks Do You Have To Make Me Blue Oriole CB 1892 B  
63-12 Dowlands All My Loving Oriole CB 1897 A
63-12 Dowlands Hey Sally Oriole CB 1897 B  
63-12 Lavern, Roger & Microns Christmas Stocking Decca F 11791 A
63-12 Lavern, Roger & Microns Reindeer Ride Decca F 11791 B  
63-12 Meek, Joe Orchestra The Kennedy March Decca F 11796 A M
63-12 Meek, Joe Orchestra The Theme Of Freedom Decca F 11796 B D
63-12 Outlaws Law And Order (aka Law And Disorder) HMV POP 1241 A M
63-12 Outlaws Da Do Day HMV POP 1241 B  
63-12 Cavell, Andy & The Saints Don't Take You From Me (from movie "Live It Up") (Soundtrack) M
63-12 Moss, Jenny Please Let It Happen To Me (from movie "Live It Up") (Soundtrack)   M
63-12 Vincent, Gene Temptation Baby (from movie "Live It Up") (Soundtrack) M


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Abkürzungen / Abbreviations

(*): Meek war Balance Engineer, aber nicht Produzent der Aufnahme. / Meek was balance engineer, but not producer of the recording.

(**): RGM- bzw. Meeksville-Produktion, aber Meek war nicht selbst an der Aufnahme beteiligt. (Die Aufnahmen mit John Leyton ab Juli 1962 sind zwar pro forma noch RGM- bzw. Meeksville-Produktionen, ihr tatsächlicher Produzent war jedoch Robert Stigwood.) / RGM resp. Meeksville production, but no contribution of Meek himself. (The recordings of John Leyton starting from July 1962 are nominally credited as RGM resp. Meeksville productions, but in fact the producer was Robert Stigwood.)

(***): Demo-, nicht fertiggestellte oder sonstige Aufnahme / Demo, unfinished or other recording.

nv: Die Aufnahme wurde zu Meeks Lebzeiten nicht veröffentlicht. / The recording was not released within Meek's lifetime.


Komponisten / Composers

M: Joe Meek; D: Robert Duke (= Joe Meek); J: Peter Jacobs (= Joe Meek); W: Dandy Ward (= Joe Meek); B: Robert Baker (= Joe Meek); K: Knight (= Joe Meek & Dick Rowe); C: Crosley (= Joe Meek & Charles Blackwell); G: Geoff Goddard; A: Dave Adams; HB: Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley


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