Alle Joe-Meek-Aufnahmen, chronologisch

Complete Joe Meek recordings by order of chronology



  • Alle Aufnahmen, die Joe Meek produziert hat und die zu seinen Lebzeiten auf Platte oder als Filmsoundtrack veröffentlicht wurden;
  • plattenreif produzierte Aufnahmen, die zu seinen Lebzeiten unveröffentlicht blieben;
  • Aufnahmen, die Joe Meek nicht produziert, aber als "Balance Engineer" betreut hat (unvollständig; mit Sicherheit existieren weitere Aufnahmen dieser Kategorie, die Meek noch nicht zugeordnet werden konnten);
  • Demos, nicht fertiggestellte und sonstige Aufnahmen (inklusive einiger "T-Chest-Tapes").
  • Die Datumsangabe bezieht sich auf die Erstveröffentlichung, im Fall der unveröffentlichten Aufnahmen auf das Aufnahmedatum.
  • All recordings produced by Joe Meek which have been released on records or as film soundtrack within his lifetime;
  • finished recordings which have not been released within his lifetime;
  • recordings Joe Meek was involved in as balance engineer (incomplete; for sure there are further recordings of this category existing which couldn't be assigned to Meek up yet);
  • Demos, not finished and other recordings (including a couple of "T-Chest Tapes").
  • The date is related to the first release, in case of unreleased recordings) to the recording date.
  • Demos, not finished and other recordings (including a couple of "T-Chest Tapes").


Date Artist Title Label Number Composer
62? Ferridays Summer Holiday nv
62? Ferridays Two Brothers nv    
62-?? Carter-Lewis & Southerners Here's Poppin'  Piccadilly 7N 35085 A G
62-?? Carter-Lewis & Southerners Poor Joe Piccadilly 7N 35085 B D
62-?? Carter-Lewis & Southerners Tell Me (*) Ember S 165 A G
62-?? Carter-Lewis & Southerners My Broken Heart (*) Ember S 165 B  
62-?? Ferridays Love On Your Lips nv
62-?? Joy & Dave Chahawki nv    
62-?? Meek, Joe Monologue 1: Early History (***)
62-?? Meek, Joe Monologue 2: IBC, Triumph, RGM, Pye (***)      
62-?? Meek, Joe Monologue 3: Holloway, Studio Gear (***)
62-?? Meek, Joe Monologue 4: A Day In Life, Recording (***)      
62-?? Victor, Tony & Tornados I'll Never Find Another You (***)
62-01 Charles, Don Crazy, Man, Crazy Decca F 11424 B  
62-01 Cox, Michael Young Only Once HMV POP 972 A
62-01 Cox, Michael Honey 'cause I Love You HMV POP 972 B  
62-01 Blackwell, Charles Orchestra Taboo HMV POP 977 A
62-01 Blackwell, Charles Orchestra Midnight In Luxembourg HMV POP 977 B D
62-01 Berry, Mike & Admirals It's Just A Matter Of Time HMV POP 979 A D
62-01 Berry, Mike & Admirals Little Boy Blue HMV POP 979 B G
62-02 Charles, Don Walk With Me My Angel Decca F 11424 A D
62-02 Stonehenge Men Big Feet HMV POP 981 A D
62-02 Stonehenge Men Pinto HMV POP 981 B
62-02 Outlaws Last Stage West HMV POP 990 A D/Hodges
62-02 Outlaws Ku-Pow HMV POP 990 B D
62-03 Rivers, Danny & Rivermen We're Gonna Dance HMV POP 1000 A  
62-03 Rivers, Danny & Rivermen Movin' In HMV POP 1000 B A
62-03 Leyton, John Lone Rider HMV POP 992 A G
62-03 Leyton, John Heart Of Stone HMV POP 992 B D
62-03 Moontrekkers There's Something At The Bottom Of The Well Parlophone R 4888 A D
62-03 Moontrekkers Hatashiai (Japanese Sword Fight) Parlophone R 4888 B
62-03 Bennett, Cliff & Rebel Rousers w. Pepperminties Poor Joe Parlophone R 4895 A D
62-03 Bennett, Cliff & Rebel Rousers w. Pepperminties Hurtin' Inside (Slow Twist) Parlophone R 4895 B
62-04 Gregory, Iain Mr. Lovebug Pye 7N 15435 A D
62-04 Gregory, Iain Pocketful Of Dreams & Eyes Full Of Tears Pye 7N 15435 B B
62-04 Leyton, John Wann bist du bei mir (Son This Is She) Electrola E 22089 A G
62-04 Tornados Love And Fury Decca F 11449 A D
62-04 Tornados Popeye Twist Decca F 11449 B  
62-04 Victor, Tony Dear One Decca F 11459 A
62-04 Victor, Tony There Was A Time Decca F 11459 B B
62-04 Leyton, John Lonely City HMV POP 1014 A G
62-04 Leyton, John It Would Be Easy HMV POP 1014 B C
62-05 Flee-Rekkers Stage To Cimmaron Piccadilly 7N 35048 A
62-05 Flee-Rekkers Twistin' The Chestnuts Piccadilly 7N 35048 B  
62-05 Klein, Alan Striped Purple Shirt Oriole CB 1719 A
62-05 Klein, Alan You Gave Me The Blues Oriole CB 1719 B D
62-05 White, Brian & The Magna Jazz Band Babette HMV CLP 1534
62-05 White, Brian & The Magna Jazz Band Baby Won't You Please Come Home HMV CLP 1534  
62-05 White, Brian & The Magna Jazz Band Calamity HMV CLP 1534
62-05 White, Brian & The Magna Jazz Band Don't Dilly Dally HMV CLP 1534  
62-05 White, Brian & The Magna Jazz Band Ida HMV CLP 1534
62-05 White, Brian & The Magna Jazz Band I'm Confessing HMV CLP 1534  
62-05 White, Brian & The Magna Jazz Band Marchita HMV CLP 1534
62-05 White, Brian & The Magna Jazz Band Misty Morning HMV CLP 1534  
62-05 White, Brian & The Magna Jazz Band Softly As In A Morning Sunrise HMV CLP 1534
62-05 White, Brian & The Magna Jazz Band Ukulele Lady HMV CLP 1534  
62-05 White, Brian & The Magna Jazz Band You're Just In Love HMV CLP 1534
62-05 White, Brian & The Magna Jazz Band Goody Goody HMV CLP 1534  
62-05 Charles, Don The Hermit Of Misty Mountain Decca F 11464 A
62-05 Charles, Don Moonlight Rendezvous Decca F 11464 B B
62-05 Cavell, Andy Hey There Cruel Heart HMV POP 1024 A B
62-05 Cavell, Andy Lonely Soldier Boy HMV POP 1024 B  
62-07 Klein, Alan Three Coins In The Sewer Oriole CB 1737 A
62-07 Klein, Alan Danger Ahead Oriole CB 1737 B  
62-07 Berry, Mike Every Little Kiss HMV POP 1042 A J
62-07 Berry, Mike How Many Times HMV POP 1042 B  
62-07 Leyton, John Down The River Nile (**) HMV POP 1054 A
62-07 Leyton, John I Think I'm Falling In Love (**) HMV POP 1054 B J
62-08 Dowlands & The Soundtracks Little Sue Oriole CB 1748 A
62-08 Dowlands & The Soundtracks Julie Oriole CB 1748 B  
62-08 Tornados Telstar Decca F 11494 A M
62-08 Tornados Jungle Fever Decca F 11494 B G
62-08 Tornados Jungle Fever (stereo mix) (***) G
62-08 Tornados Telstar (stereo mix) (***)     M
62-09 Reader, Pat Cha Cha On The Moon Piccadilly 7N 35077 A
62-09 Reader, Pat May Your Heart Stay Young Forever Piccadilly 7N 35077 B  
62-09 Cox, Michael Stand Up HMV POP 1065 A
62-09 Cox, Michael In April HMV POP 1065 B  
62-09 Goddard, Geoff My Little Girl's Come Home HMV POP 1068 A G
62-09 Goddard, Geoff Try Once More HMV POP 1068 B J
62-10 Flee-Rekkers Sunburst Piccadilly 7N 35081 A
62-10 Flee-Rekkers Black Buffalo Piccadilly 7N 35081 B  
62-10 Tornados Ridin' The Wind (UK version) Decca DFE 8510 A1
62-10 Tornados Dreamin' On A Cloud Decca DFE 8510 A2 Burt
62-10 Tornados Red Roses And A Sky Of Blue Decca DFE 8510 B1 M
62-10 Tornados Earthy Decca DFE 8510 B2  
62-10 Outlaws Sioux Serenade HMV POP 1074 A W
62-10 Outlaws Fort Knox HMV POP 1074 B  
62-10 Leyton, John Lonely Johnny (**) HMV POP 1076 A G
62-10 Leyton, John Keep On Loving You (**) HMV POP 1076 B D
62-10 Cavell, Andy Always On Saturday HMV POP 1080 A
62-10 Cavell, Andy Hey There, Senorita HMV POP 1080 B M
62-10 Wells, Houston & Marksmen The Song Is Just For You Parlophone R 4955 A
62-10 Wells, Houston & Marksmen Paradise Parlophone R 4955 B  
62-10 Douglas, Mark It Matters Not Ember S 166 A
62-10 Douglas, Mark Upside Down Ember S 166 B J
62-11 Packabeats Evening In Paris Pye 7N 15480 A
62-11 Packabeats Theme From «The Traitors» Pye 7N 15480 B  
62-11 Christian, Neil The Road To Love Columbia DB 4938 A
62-11 Christian, Neil The Big Beat Drum Columbia DB 4938 B J/Lawrence
62-11 Charles, Don It's My Way Of Loving You Decca F 11528 A
62-11 Charles, Don Guess That's The Way It Goes Decca F 11528 B M
62-11 Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Can Can '62 Decca F 11531 A
62-11 Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Redskins Decca F 11531 B K
62-11 Dexter, Ray & The Layabouts The Coalman's Lament Decca F 11538 A
62-11 Dexter, Ray & The Layabouts Lonely Weekend Decca F 11538 B  
62-12 Dowlands & The Soundtracks Big Big Fella Oriole CB 1781 A
62-12 Dowlands & The Soundtracks Don't Ever Change Oriole CB 1781 B D/Lawrence
62-12 Hollywood, Kenny Magic Star (Telstar, vocal version) Decca F 11546 A M
62-12 Hollywood, Kenny The Wonderful Story Of Love Decca F 11546 B G
62-12 Berry, Mike & Outlaws Don't You Think It's Time HMV POP 1105 A G/M
62-12 Berry, Mike & Outlaws Loneliness HMV POP 1105 B D
62-12 Chaps (= Outlaws) Poppin' Medley Part 1 Parlophone R 4979 A
62-12 Chaps (= Outlaws) Poppin' Medley Part 2 Parlophone R 4979 B  
62-12 Wells, Houston & Marksmen Shutters & Boards Parlophone R 4980 A
62-12 Wells, Houston & Marksmen North Wind Parlophone R 4980 B M


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Abkürzungen / Abbreviations

(*): Meek war Balance Engineer, aber nicht Produzent der Aufnahme. / Meek was balance engineer, but not producer of the recording.

(**): RGM- bzw. Meeksville-Produktion, aber Meek war nicht selbst an der Aufnahme beteiligt. (Die Aufnahmen mit John Leyton ab Juli 1962 sind zwar pro forma noch RGM- bzw. Meeksville-Produktionen, ihr tatsächlicher Produzent war jedoch Robert Stigwood.) / RGM resp. Meeksville production, but no contribution of Meek himself. (The recordings of John Leyton starting from July 1962 are nominally credited as RGM resp. Meeksville productions, but in fact the producer was Robert Stigwood.)

(***): Demo-, nicht fertiggestellte oder sonstige Aufnahme / Demo, unfinished or other recording.

nv: Die Aufnahme wurde zu Meeks Lebzeiten nicht veröffentlicht. / The recording was not released within Meek's lifetime.


Komponisten / Composers

M: Joe Meek; D: Robert Duke (= Joe Meek); J: Peter Jacobs (= Joe Meek); W: Dandy Ward (= Joe Meek); B: Robert Baker (= Joe Meek); K: Knight (= Joe Meek & Dick Rowe); C: Crosley (= Joe Meek & Charles Blackwell); G: Geoff Goddard; A: Dave Adams; HB: Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley


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