Alle Joe-Meek-Aufnahmen, chronologisch

Complete Joe Meek recordings by order of chronology

1966 - 1967


  • Alle Aufnahmen, die Joe Meek produziert hat und die zu seinen Lebzeiten auf Platte oder als Filmsoundtrack veröffentlicht wurden;
  • plattenreif produzierte Aufnahmen, die zu seinen Lebzeiten unveröffentlicht blieben;
  • Aufnahmen, die Joe Meek nicht produziert, aber als "Balance Engineer" betreut hat (unvollständig; mit Sicherheit existieren weitere Aufnahmen dieser Kategorie, die Meek noch nicht zugeordnet werden konnten);
  • Demos, nicht fertiggestellte und sonstige Aufnahmen (inklusive einiger "T-Chest-Tapes").
  • Die Datumsangabe bezieht sich auf die Erstveröffentlichung, im Fall der unveröffentlichten Aufnahmen auf das Aufnahmedatum.
  • All recordings produced by Joe Meek which have been released on records or as film soundtrack within his lifetime;
  • finished recordings which have not been released within his lifetime;
  • recordings Joe Meek was involved in as balance engineer (incomplete; for sure there are further recordings of this category existing which couldn't be assigned to Meek up yet);
  • Demos, not finished and other recordings (including a couple of "T-Chest Tapes").
  • The date is related to the first release, in case of unreleased recordings) to the recording date.
  • Demos, not finished and other recordings (including a couple of "T-Chest Tapes").


Date Artist Title Label Number Composer
66? Birds Of Prey City Lights nv
66-01 Riot Squad Cry Cry Cry Pye 7N 17041 A  
66-01 Riot Squad How It Is Done Pye 7N 17041 B
66-01 Four Matadors A Man's Gotta Stand Tall Columbia DB 7806 A  
66-01 Four Matadors Fast Cars And Money Columbia DB 7806 B
66-01 Diane & Javelins Heart And Soul Columbia DB 7819 A  
66-01 Diane & Javelins Who's The Girl Columbia DB 7819 B
66-02 Collins, Glenda Something I've Got To Tell You Pye 7N 17044 A HB
66-02 Collins, Glenda My Heart Didn't Lie Pye 7N 17044 B M
66-02 Honeycombs Who Is Sylvia Pye 7N 17059 A  
66-02 Honeycombs How Will I Know Pye 7N 17059 B M
66-02 Cryin' Shames Please Stay Decca F 12340 A  
66-02 Cryin' Shames What's New Pussycat? Decca F 12340 B
66-03 Tornados Pop-Art Goes Mozart Columbia DB 7856 A Mozart, arr. M
66-03 Tornados Too Much In Love For Her Columbia DB 7856 B
66-04 Riot Squad I Take It That We're Through Pye 7N 17092 A  
66-04 Riot Squad Working Man Pye 7N 17092 B
66-04 Buzz You're Holding Me Down Columbia DB 7887 A  
66-04 Buzz I Gotta Buzz Columbia DB 7887 B M
66-05 Chris, Peter & Outcasts Over The Hill Columbia DB 7923 A  
66-05 Chris, Peter & Outcasts The Right Girl For Me Columbia DB 7923 B M
66-06 Heinz Movin' In Columbia DB 7942 A A
66-06 Heinz I'm Not A Bad Guy Columbia DB 7942 B
66-06 Cryin' Shames Nobody Waved Goodbye Decca F 12425 A  
66-06 Cryin' Shames You Decca F 12425 B
66-06 Eddie, Jason & Centremen Singing The Blues Parlophone R 5473 A  
66-06 Eddie, Jason & Centremen True To You Parlophone R 5473 B
66-07 Riot Squad It's Never Too Late To Forgive Pye 7N 17130 A  
66-07 Riot Squad Try To Realize Pye 7N 17130 B
66-07 Honeycombs It's So Hard Pye 7N 17138 A  
66-07 Honeycombs I Fell In Love Pye 7N 17138 B M
66-07 Collins, Glenda It's Hard To Believe It Pye 7N 17150 A M
66-07 Collins, Glenda Don't Let It Rain On Sunday Pye 7N 17150 B M/Collett
66-07 Collins, Glenda It's Hard To Believe It (stereo mix) (***) nv   M
66-08 Tornados Is That A Ship I Hear? Columbia DB 7984 A M
66-08 Tornados Do You Come Here Often? Columbia DB 7984 B  
66-08 Millionaires Wishing Well Decca F 12468 A
66-08 Millionaires Chatterbox Decca F 12468 B  
66-08 Paul & Ritchie & The Cryin' Shames September In The Rain Decca F 12483 A
66-08 Paul & Ritchie & The Cryin' Shames Come On Back Decca F 12483 B  
66-09 Honeycombs That Lovin' Feeling Pye 7N 17173 A
66-09 Honeycombs Should A Man Cry Pye 7N 17173 B M
66-11 Impac Too Far Out CBS 202402 A
66-11 Impac Rat Tat Ta Tat CBS 202402 B  
66-11 Collins, Glenda Sing c'est la vie nv
66-11 Collins, Glenda Run To Me (***)      
66-11 Collins, Glenda Self Portrait (***)
66-11? Collins, Glenda & Riot Squad Yeah Yeah Yeah (***)      
66-11? Collins, Glenda & Riot Squad You're Gonna Get Your Way (***)
67-01 Riot Squad Gotta Be A First Time Pye 7N 17237 A A
67-01 Riot Squad Bitter Sweet Love Pye 7N 17237 B


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Abkürzungen / Abbreviations

(*): Meek war Balance Engineer, aber nicht Produzent der Aufnahme. / Meek was balance engineer, but not producer of the recording.

(**): RGM- bzw. Meeksville-Produktion, aber Meek war nicht selbst an der Aufnahme beteiligt. (Die Aufnahmen mit John Leyton ab Juli 1962 sind zwar pro forma noch RGM- bzw. Meeksville-Produktionen, ihr tatsächlicher Produzent war jedoch Robert Stigwood.) / RGM resp. Meeksville production, but no contribution of Meek himself. (The recordings of John Leyton starting from July 1962 are nominally credited as RGM resp. Meeksville productions, but in fact the producer was Robert Stigwood.)

(***): Demo-, nicht fertiggestellte oder sonstige Aufnahme / Demo, unfinished or other recording.

nv: Die Aufnahme wurde zu Meeks Lebzeiten nicht veröffentlicht. / The recording was not released within Meek's lifetime.


Komponisten / Composers

M: Joe Meek; D: Robert Duke (= Joe Meek); J: Peter Jacobs (= Joe Meek); W: Dandy Ward (= Joe Meek); B: Robert Baker (= Joe Meek); K: Knight (= Joe Meek & Dick Rowe); C: Crosley (= Joe Meek & Charles Blackwell); G: Geoff Goddard; A: Dave Adams; HB: Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley


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