Alle Joe-Meek-Aufnahmen / Complete Joe Meek Recordings

künstleralphabetisch / by order of artists

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  • Alle Aufnahmen, die Joe Meek produziert hat und die zu seinen Lebzeiten auf Platte oder als Filmsoundtrack veröffentlicht wurden;
  • plattenreif produzierte Aufnahmen, die zu seinen Lebzeiten unveröffentlicht blieben;
  • Aufnahmen, die Joe Meek nicht produziert, aber als "Balance Engineer" betreut hat (unvollständig; mit Sicherheit existieren weitere Aufnahmen dieser Kategorie, die Meek noch nicht zugeordnet werden konnten);
  • Demos, nicht fertiggestellte und sonstige Aufnahmen (inklusive einiger "Tea-Chest-Tapes").
  • Die Datumsangabe bezieht sich auf die Erstveröffentlichung, im Fall der unveröffentlichten Aufnahmen auf das Aufnahmedatum.
  • All recordings produced by Joe Meek which have been released on records or as film soundtrack within his lifetime;
  • finished recordings which have not been released within his lifetime;
  • recordings Joe Meek was involved in as balance engineer (incomplete; for sure there are further recordings of this category existing which couldn't be assigned to Meek up yet);
  • Demos, not finished and other recordings (including a couple of "T-Chest Tapes").
  • The date is related to the first release, in case of unreleased recordings) to the recording date.
  • Demos, not finished and other recordings (including a couple of "T-Chest Tapes").



Artist Title Date Label Number Composer
Lavern, Roger & Microns Christmas Stocking 63-12 Decca F 11791 A
Lavern, Roger & Microns Reindeer Ride 63-12 Decca F 11791 B  
Lavern, Roger & Microns Jackson's Jump nv
Lavern, Roger & Microns Red Rocket   nv    
Lea & Chess Little Star (Shine On Us Tonight) nv M
Lee, Jamie & Atlantics In The Night 63-01 Decca F 11571 A M/A
Lee, Jamie & Atlantics Little Girl In Blue 63-01 Decca F 11571 B A
Lennie & Les Snow-white Eastern Maid (***)        
Lennon, Jimmy & Atlantics I Learned To Yodel 64-01 Decca F 11825 A
Lennon, Jimmy & Atlantics Louisiana Mama 64-01 Decca F 11825 B  
Lewis, Chick North Wind 60-?? nv
Lewis, Chick With Someone Like You   nv    
Leyton, John Tell Laura I Love Her 60-08 Top Rank JAR 426 A
Leyton, John Goodbye To Teenage Love 60-08 Top Rank JAR 426 B  
Leyton, John The Girl On The Floor Above 60-10 HMV POP 798 A
Leyton, John Terry Brown's In Love With Mary Dee 60-10 HMV POP 798 B D
Leyton, John Johnny Remember Me 61-07 Top Rank JAR 577 A G
Leyton, John There Must Be 61-07 Top Rank JAR 577 B D
Leyton, John Wild Wind 61-09 Top Rank JAR 585 A G
Leyton, John You Took My Love For Granted 61-09 Top Rank JAR 585 B D
Leyton, John Can't You Hear The Beat Of A Broken Heart 61-11 HMV CLP 1497 D
Leyton, John Fabulous 61-11 HMV CLP 1497  
Leyton, John I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine 61-11 HMV CLP 1497
Leyton, John I Love You For Sentimental Reasons 61-11 HMV CLP 1497  
Leyton, John It's Goodbye Then 61-11 HMV CLP 1497 G
Leyton, John Oh Lover 61-11 HMV CLP 1497 G
Leyton, John That's How To Make Love 61-11 HMV CLP 1497 D
Leyton, John The Magic Of True Love 61-11 HMV CLP 1497  
Leyton, John Thunder And Lightning 61-11 HMV CLP 1497
Leyton, John Voodoo Woman 61-11 HMV CLP 1497 G
Leyton, John Walk With Me My Angel 61-11 HMV CLP 1497 D
Leyton, John That's A Woman 61-11 HMV CLP 1497  
Leyton, John John, c'est l'amour (Son This Is She) 61-12 nv? ?? G
Leyton, John Son This Is She 61-12 HMV POP 956 A G
Leyton, John Six White Horses 61-12 HMV POP 956 B G
Leyton, John Lone Rider 62-03 HMV POP 992 A G
Leyton, John Heart Of Stone 62-03 HMV POP 992 B D
Leyton, John Wann bist du bei mir (Son This Is She) 62-04 Electrola E 22089 A G
Leyton, John Lonely City 62-04 HMV POP 1014 A G
Leyton, John It Would Be Easy 62-04 HMV POP 1014 B C
Leyton, John Down The River Nile (**) 62-07 HMV POP 1054 A
Leyton, John I Think I'm Falling In Love (**) 62-07 HMV POP 1054 B J
Leyton, John Lonely Johnny (**) 62-10 HMV POP 1076 A G
Leyton, John Keep On Loving You (**) 62-10 HMV POP 1076 B D
Leyton, John Cupboard Love (**) 63-02 HMV POP 1122 A
Leyton, John Land Of Love (**) 63-02 HMV POP 1122 B  
Leyton, John Eine kann meine nur sein (The Great Escape March) (**) 63-06 Electrola E 22540 A
Leyton, John Einmal ist keinmal  (I'll Cut Your Tail Off) (**) 63-06 Electrola E 22540 B  
Leyton, John I'll Cut Your Tail Off (**) 63-06 HMV POP 1175 A
Leyton, John The Great Escape March (**) 63-06 HMV POP 1175 B  
Leyton, John A Man Is Not Supposed To Cry (**) 63-07 HMV CLP 1664
Leyton, John Another Man (**) 63-07 HMV CLP 1664  
Leyton, John Buona Sera (**) 63-07 HMV CLP 1664
Leyton, John Funny Man (**) 63-07 HMV CLP 1664  
Leyton, John How Will It End? (**?) 63-07 HMV CLP 1664
Leyton, John I'm Gonna Let My Hair Down (**) 63-07 HMV CLP 1664  
Leyton, John Johnny, My Johnny (**?) 63-07 HMV CLP 1664 M
Leyton, John Lover's Lane (**) 63-07 HMV CLP 1664  
Leyton, John On Lover's Hill (**?) 63-07 HMV CLP 1664 G
Leyton, John Sweet And Tender Romance (**?) 63-07 HMV CLP 1664  
Leyton, John That's The Way It Is (**) 63-07 HMV CLP 1664
Leyton, John Too Many Late Nights (**) 63-07 HMV CLP 1664  
Leyton, John Beautiful Dreamer (**) 63-11 HMV POP 1230 A
Leyton, John I Guess You Are Always On My Mind (**) 63-11 HMV POP 1230 B  
Leyton, John Three Cute Chicks nv
Leyton, John Looking For Someone (Who Wants Johnny?) (***)        
Leyton, John & The LeRoys Make Love To Me (**) 64-?? HMV POP 1264 A
Leyton, John & The LeRoys Missing You (**) 64-?? HMV POP 1264 B  
London, Peter Bless You 65-10 Pye 7N 15957 A
London, Peter Baby I Like The Look Of You 65-10 Pye 7N 15957 B  
London, Peter I'm Your Lovin' Man nv
Lotis, Dennis Sugaree (*) 56-?? Pye/Nixa N 15042 B  
Lyttelton, Humphrey Band Bad Penny Blues (*) 56-06 Parlophone R 4184 A
Lyttelton, Humphrey Band Close Your Eyes (*) 56-06 Parlophone R 4184 B  
MacBeth, David Mr. Blue (*) 59-?? Pye/Nixa N 15231 A
Malcolm & Countdowns You Stole My Heart Away   nv    
Masters, Valerie Christmas Calling 64-11 Columbia DB 7426 A
Masters, Valerie He Didn't Fool Me 64-11 Columbia DB 7426 B M
Meek, Joe Monologue 1: Early History (***) 62-??
Meek, Joe Monologue 2: IBC, Triumph, RGM, Pye (***) 62-??      
Meek, Joe Monologue 3: Holloway, Studio Gear (***) 62-??
Meek, Joe Monologue 4: A Day In Life, Recording (***) 62-??      
Meek, Joe Globetrotter (***) M
Meek, Joe He's Mine (***)       M
Meek, Joe Joe's Message To Dave & Dee (incomplete) (***?)
Meek, Joe My Baby Doll (***)       D
Meek, Joe Not Sleeping Too Well Lately (***) M
Meek, Joe Paper Boat (***)        
Meek, Joe singing on Telstar (***)
Meek, Joe Telstar Demo [on Try Once More] (***)       M [J]
Meek, Joe Valley Of/Beat Of/Waiting… (***) D
Meek, Joe & Fabulous Flee Rekkers It's A Triumph! (Radio Luxembourg Jingle) 61-?? nv    
Meek, Joe & Tornados singing on unidentified Tornados backing track (***)
Meek, Joe Orchestra The Kennedy March 63-12 Decca F 11796 A M
Meek, Joe Orchestra The Theme Of Freedom 63-12 Decca F 11796 B D
Meek, Joe Orchestra Cry My Heart   nv   M
Melly, George w. Mulligan, Mick Magnolia Jazzband There'll Be Some Changes Made (*) 59-04? Pye/Nixa NJL 21
Miki & Griff with Donegan, Lonnie Group Hold Back Tomorrow (*) 60-?? Pye/Nixa NEP 24129 A1  
Miki & Griff with Donegan, Lonnie Group Deedle-Dum-Doo-Dee-Day (*) 60-?? Pye/Nixa NEP 24129 A2
Miller, Betty The Next Train Out Of Town (*) 55-10 Pye/Nixa N 15008  
Miller, Betty Georgia's Got A Moon (*) 56-?? Pye/Nixa N 15008 A
Miller, Gary The Yellow Rose Of Texas (*) 55-09 Pye/Nixa N 15004  
Miller, Gary Garden Of Eden (*) 56-?? Pye/Nixa N 15070 A
Miller, Gary Robin Hood (*) 56-01 Pye/Nixa N 15020 A  
Miller, Gary The Story Of My Life (*) 58-?? Pye/Nixa NEP 24072 A1
Miller, Jimmy & The Barbecues Sizzling Hot 57-09 Columbia DB 4006 A D/Blackwell
Miller, Jimmy & The Barbecues Freewheelin' Baby 57-09 Columbia DB 4006 B
Miller, Jimmy & The Barbecues Jelly Baby 58-02 Columbia DB 4081 A D
Miller, Jimmy & The Barbecues Cry Baby Cry 58-02 Columbia DB 4081 B
Millionaires Wishing Well 66-08 Decca F 12468 A  
Millionaires Chatterbox 66-08 Decca F 12468 B
Millionaires Baby Can't Sleep   nv    
Moontrekkers Night Of The Vampire 61-09 Parlophone R 4814 A
Moontrekkers Melodie D'Amour 61-09 Parlophone R 4814 B  
Moontrekkers There's Something At The Bottom Of The Well 62-03 Parlophone R 4888 A D
Moontrekkers Hatashiai (Japanese Sword Fight) 62-03 Parlophone R 4888 B  
Moontrekkers Dance Legless Russian nv
Moontrekkers Grandfather Clock   nv    
Moontrekkers John Brown's Body nv
Moontrekkers Return Of The Vampire   nv    
Moontrekkers Sunday Sunset nv
Moontrekkers Sunday Sunset (***)        
Morgan, Davy Tomorrow I'll Be Gone 65-07 Columbia DB 7624 A
Morgan, Davy Ain't Got Much More To See 65-07 Columbia DB 7624 B  
Morgan, Davy Cocaine nv
Moss, Jenny Hobbies 63-06 Columbia DB 7061 A  
Moss, Jenny Big Boys 63-06 Columbia DB 7061 B M
Moss, Jenny Please Let It Happen To Me (from movie "Live It Up") 63-12 (Soundtrack)   M
Moss, Jenny My Boy Comes Marching Home nv M
Moss, Jenny Please Don't Say Goodbye (***)        
Original Checkmates Union Pacific 63-06 Decca F 11688 A
Original Checkmates The Spy 63-06 Decca F 11688 B  
Outlaws Swinging Low 61-03 HMV POP 844 A
Outlaws Spring Is Near 61-03 HMV POP 844 B D
Outlaws Ambush 61-05 HMV POP 877 A D
Outlaws Indian Brave 61-05 HMV POP 877 B D
Outlaws Valley Of The Sioux 61-09 HMV POP 927 A D
Outlaws Crazy Drums 61-09 HMV POP 927 B D/Graham
Outlaws Dream Of The West 61-12 HMV CLP 1489 A1 D
Outlaws The Outlaws 61-12 HMV CLP 1489 A2 D
Outlaws Husky Team 61-12 HMV CLP 1489 A3 D
Outlaws Rodeo 61-12 HMV CLP 1489 A4 D
Outlaws Smoke Signals 61-12 HMV CLP 1489 A5 D
Outlaws Barbecue 61-12 HMV CLP 1489 B1 D
Outlaws Homeward Bound 61-12 HMV CLP 1489 B4 D
Outlaws Western Sunset 61-12 HMV CLP 1489 B5 D
Outlaws Tune For Short Cowboys 61-12 HMV CLP 1489 B6 D
Outlaws Last Stage West 62-02 HMV POP 990 A D/Hodges
Outlaws Ku-Pow 62-02 HMV POP 990 B D
Outlaws Sioux Serenade 62-10 HMV POP 1074 A W
Outlaws Fort Knox 62-10 HMV POP 1074 B
Outlaws Return Of The Outlaws 63-02 HMV POP 1124 A M
Outlaws Texan Spiritual 63-02 HMV POP 1124 B M/Jay
Outlaws That Set The Wild West Free 63-08 HMV POP 1195 A M
Outlaws Hobo 63-08 HMV POP 1195 B
Outlaws Law And Order (aka Law And Disorder) 63-12 HMV POP 1241 A M
Outlaws Da Do Day 63-12 HMV POP 1241 B
Outlaws Keep A'Knockin' 64-04 HMV POP 1277 A  
Outlaws Shake With Me 64-04 HMV POP 1277 B J
Packabeats Evening In Paris 62-11 Pye 7N 15480 A  
Packabeats Theme From «The Traitors» 62-11 Pye 7N 15480 B
Packabeats Dream Lover 63-07 Pye 7N 15549 A  
Packabeats Packabeat 63-07 Pye 7N 15549 B
Parker, Benny & Dynamics Boys And Girls 64-07 Decca F 11944 A  
Parker, Benny & Dynamics You Will Be On Your Way 64-07 Decca F 11944 B
Parker, Benny & Dynamics I Taught Her How   nv    
Parker, Benny & Dynamics I'll Tell Her How nv
Patterson, Ottilie w. Barber, Chris Jazz Band Jailhouse Blues (*) 56-09 Pye/Nixa NJE 1023  
Paul & Ritchie & The Cryin' Shames September In The Rain 66-08 Decca F 12483 A
Paul & Ritchie & The Cryin' Shames Come On Back 66-08 Decca F 12483 B  
Pete & The Boulevards Lover Return nv
Pete & The Boulevards You're My Girl   nv    
Preston, Mike A House, A Car And A Wedding Ring (*) 58-08 Decca F 11053 A
Preston, Mike My Lucky Love 58-08 Decca F 11053 B  
Preston, Mike Why Why Why 58-12 Decca F 11087 A
Preston, Mike Whispering Grass 58-12 Decca F 11087 B  
Preston, Mike Dirty Old Town 59-03 Decca F 11120 A
Preston, Mike In Surabaya 59-03 Decca F 11120 B  
Preston, Mike Mr. Blue (*) 59-10 Decca F 11167 A
Preston, Mike Just Ask Your Heart (*) 59-10 Decca F 11167 B  
Preston, Mike Girl Without A Heart (rec. 59) (**) 61-?? Decca F 11335 B
Price, Red Weekend (*) 58-?? Pye/Nixa N 15169 A  
Puppets Everybody's Talking 63-09 Pye 7N 15556 A
Puppets Poison Ivy 63-09 Pye 7N 15556 B  
Puppets Baby Don't Cry 64-04 Pye 7N 15634 A
Puppets Shake With Me 64-04 Pye 7N 15634 B J
Puppets Three Boys Lookin' For Love nv G/M
Rally Rounders (= The Outlaws) The Bike Beat (two-sided promo flexidisc) 64-?? Lyntone LYN 573/4  
Rally Rounders (= The Outlaws) Do The Bike (two-sided promo flexidisc) 64-?? Lyntone LYN 573/4
Ramblers Dodge City 63-11 Decca F 11775 A G
Ramblers Just For Chicks 63-11 Decca F 11775 B
Ramblers Take It Away (***)        
Reader, Pat Cha Cha On The Moon 62-09 Piccadilly 7N 35077 A
Reader, Pat May Your Heart Stay Young Forever 62-09 Piccadilly 7N 35077 B  
Rio, Bobby & Revelles Boy Meets Girl 65-03 Pye 7N 15790 A
Rio, Bobby & Revelles Don't Break My Heart And Run Away 65-03 Pye 7N 15790 B  
Rio, Bobby & Revelles Everything In The Garden 65-07 Pye 7N 15897 A
Rio, Bobby & Revelles When Love Was Young 65-07 Pye 7N 15897 B M
Rio, Bobby & Revelles Value For Love 65-10 Pye 7N 15958 A
Rio, Bobby & Revelles I'm Not Made Of Clay 65-10 Pye 7N 15958 B M/O'Neil
Riot Squad Anytime (**) 65-01 Pye 7N 15752 A
Riot Squad Jump (**) 65-01 Pye 7N 15752 B  
Riot Squad I Wanna Talk About My Baby (**) 65-03 Pye 7N 15817 A
Riot Squad Gonna Make You Mine (**) 65-03 Pye 7N 15817 B  
Riot Squad Nevertheless (I Love You) (**) 65-05 Pye 7N 15869 A
Riot Squad Not A Great Talker (**) 65-05 Pye 7N 15869 B  
Riot Squad Cry Cry Cry 66-01 Pye 7N 17041 A
Riot Squad How It Is Done 66-01 Pye 7N 17041 B  
Riot Squad I Take It That We're Through 66-04 Pye 7N 17092 A
Riot Squad Working Man 66-04 Pye 7N 17092 B  
Riot Squad It's Never Too Late To Forgive 66-07 Pye 7N 17130 A
Riot Squad Try To Realize 66-07 Pye 7N 17130 B  
Riot Squad Gotta Be A First Time 67-01 Pye 7N 17237 A A
Riot Squad Bitter Sweet Love 67-01 Pye 7N 17237 B  
Riot Squad Gotta Be A First Time (alt. take) (***) nv A
Riot Squad It's Never Too Late To Forgive (alt. take)   nv    
Riot Squad It's Never Too Late To Forgive (folk-rock version) nv
Riot Squad Walking On Ice   nv    
Rivers, Danny Can't You Hear My Heart 60-11 Decca F 11294 A
Rivers, Danny I'm Waiting For Tomorrow 60-11 Decca F 11294 B D
Rivers, Danny & Alexander Combo My Baby's Gone Away 61-05 Decca F 11357 B D
Rivers, Danny & Rivermen We're Gonna Dance 62-03 HMV POP 1000 A  
Rivers, Danny & Rivermen Movin' In 62-03 HMV POP 1000 B A
Rivers, Danny & The Alexander Combo Once Upon A Time 61-05 Decca F 11357 A  
Roberts, Kim I'll Prove It 64-01 Decca F 11813 A
Roberts, Kim For Loving Me This Way 64-01 Decca F 11813 B M
Roberts, Kim Love Can't Wait nv M
Roberts, Kim Mr. Right   nv   M
Rod, Ken & Cavaliers Magic Wheel 60-02 Triumph RGM 1001 A D
Rod, Ken & Cavaliers Happy Valley 60-02 Triumph RGM 1001 B D
Ross, Bobby Lips Are Redder On You nv M
Rowland, Dave Besame Mucho   nv    
Roza, Lita Allentown Jail (*) 59-?? Pye/Nixa N 15204 A
Ryan, Marion Cry Me A River (*) 56-?? Pye/Nixa N 15018 A  



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Abkürzungen / Abbreviations

Meek war Balance Engineer, aber nicht Produzent der Aufnahme.
Meek was balance engineer, but not producer of the recording.

RGM- bzw. Meeksville-Produktion, aber Meek war nicht selbst an der Aufnahme beteiligt.
(Für die Aufnahmen von John LEYTON ab Juli 1962 gilt: Der Produzent war Robert Stigwood, wahrscheinlich war das aber nicht mehr als eine rein formale Regelung.)
RGM resp. Meeksville production, but no contribution of Meek himself.
(For the recordings of John LEYTON from July 1962 on applies: The producer was Robert Stigwood, but probably this was not more than a formal arrangement.)

Demo-, Tea-Chest-, unvollständige oder sonstige Aufnahme
Demo, tea chest, unfinished or other recording

Die Aufnahme wurde zu Meeks Lebzeiten nicht veröffentlicht
The recording was not released within Meek's lifetime


Datumsangaben beziehen sich auf die Erstveröffentlichung, bei unveröffentlichten Aufnahmen auf das Aufnahmedatum.
Dates are related to the first release, in case of unreleased recordings to the recording date.


Komponist / Composer

M: Joe Meek
D: Robert Duke (= Joe Meek)
J: Peter Jacobs (= Joe Meek)
W: Dandy Ward (= Joe Meek)
B: Robert Baker (= Joe Meek)
K: Knight (= Joe Meek & Dick Rowe)
C: Crosley (= Joe Meek & Charles Blackwell)

G: Geoff Goddard

A: Dave Adams

HB: Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley


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