Alle Joe-Meek-Aufnahmen / Complete Joe Meek Recordings

künstleralphabetisch / by order of artists

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  • Alle Aufnahmen, die Joe Meek produziert hat und die zu seinen Lebzeiten auf Platte oder als Filmsoundtrack veröffentlicht wurden;
  • plattenreif produzierte Aufnahmen, die zu seinen Lebzeiten unveröffentlicht blieben;
  • Aufnahmen, die Joe Meek nicht produziert, aber als "Balance Engineer" betreut hat (unvollständig; mit Sicherheit existieren weitere Aufnahmen dieser Kategorie, die Meek noch nicht zugeordnet werden konnten);
  • Demos, nicht fertiggestellte und sonstige Aufnahmen (inklusive einiger "Tea-Chest-Tapes").
  • Die Datumsangabe bezieht sich auf die Erstveröffentlichung, im Fall der unveröffentlichten Aufnahmen auf das Aufnahmedatum.
  • All recordings produced by Joe Meek which have been released on records or as film soundtrack within his lifetime;
  • finished recordings which have not been released within his lifetime;
  • recordings Joe Meek was involved in as balance engineer (incomplete; for sure there are further recordings of this category existing which couldn't be assigned to Meek up yet);
  • Demos, not finished and other recordings (including a couple of "T-Chest Tapes").
  • The date is related to the first release, in case of unreleased recordings) to the recording date.
  • Demos, not finished and other recordings (including a couple of "T-Chest Tapes").



Artist Title Date Label Number Composer
Fabulous Flee Rekkers Isle Of Capri 61-05 Pye NEP 24141 A1
Fabulous Flee Rekkers Brer Robert 61-05 Pye NEP 24141 A2  
Fabulous Flee Rekkers Hangover 61-05 Pye NEP 24141 B1
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Brer Robert (***)        
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Buckeye (***)
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers El Rancho Rock (***)        
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Shiftless Sam (***)
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Some Kinda Earthquake (***)        
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Summertime (***)
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Sunday Date (***)        
Fabulous Flee-Rakkers Taboo (***)
Fabulous Flee-Rekkers Green Jeans 60-04 Triumph RGM 1008 A  
Fabulous Flee-Rekkers You Are My Sunshine 60-04 Triumph RGM 1008 B
Ferridays Summer Holiday 62? nv    
Ferridays Two Brothers 62? nv
Ferridays Love On Your Lips 62-?? nv    
Flee-Rekkers Sunday Date 60-09 Pye 7N 15288 A
Flee-Rekkers Shiftless Sam 60-09 Pye 7N 15288 B  
Flee-Rekkers Blue Tango 61-02 Pye 7N 15326 A
Flee-Rekkers Bitter Rice 61-02 Pye 7N 15326 B  
Flee-Rekkers P. F. B. (Phil The Fluter's Ball) 61-05 Pye NEP 24141 B2
Flee-Rekkers Lone Rider 61-06 Piccadilly 7N 35006 A G
Flee-Rekkers Miller Like Wow 61-06 Piccadilly 7N 35006 B
Flee-Rekkers Stage To Cimmaron 62-05 Piccadilly 7N 35048 A  
Flee-Rekkers Twistin' The Chestnuts 62-05 Piccadilly 7N 35048 B
Flee-Rekkers Sunburst 62-10 Piccadilly 7N 35081 A  
Flee-Rekkers Black Buffalo 62-10 Piccadilly 7N 35081 B
Flee-Rekkers Fireball 63-02 Piccadilly 7N 35109 A  
Flee-Rekkers Fandango 63-02 Piccadilly 7N 35109 B
Flee-Rekkers Cerveza   nv    
Flip Mama Didn't Lie nv
Flip & The Dateliners My Johnny Doesn't Come Around Anymore 64-11 HMV POP 1359 A  
Flip & The Dateliners Listen To Me 64-11 HMV POP 1359 B
Ford, Emile & Checkmates What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For 59-10 Pye 7N 15225 A  
Ford, Emile & Checkmates Don't Tell Me Your Troubles (*) 59-10 Pye 7N 15225 B
Ford, Emile & Checkmates Counting Teardrops (**?) 60-12 Pye 7N 15314 A  
Ford, Mike & The Consuls Jump Jeremiah 63-?? Piccadilly 7N 35127 A
Ford, Mike & The Consuls The Green Man 63-?? Piccadilly 7N 35127 B  
Fortune, Lance All On My Own 60-?? Pye 7N 15260 A
Fortune, Lance This Love I Have For You 60-?? Pye 7N 15260 B  
Fortune, Lance Be Mine 60-01 Pye 7N 15240 A
Fortune, Lance Action 60-01 Pye 7N 15240 B  
Four Matadors A Man's Gotta Stand Tall 66-01 Columbia DB 7806 A
Four Matadors Fast Cars And Money 66-01 Columbia DB 7806 B  
Fraser, John Bye Bye Love (*) 57-?? Pye/Nixa N 15098 B
Garfield, Johnny Stranger In Paradise 65-01 Pye 7N 15758 A  
Garfield, Johnny Anyone Can Lose A Heart 65-01 Pye 7N 15758 B M
Garfield, Johnny Fickle Heart   nv   M
Garfield, Johnny & Tornados Still You Pass Me By (***) 64-??
Goddard, Geoff Girl Bride 61-10 HMV POP 938 A G
Goddard, Geoff For Eternity 61-10 HMV POP 938 B D
Goddard, Geoff My Little Girl's Come Home 62-09 HMV POP 1068 A G
Goddard, Geoff Try Once More 62-09 HMV POP 1068 B J
Goddard, Geoff My Friend Bobby (***) 63-??      
Goddard, Geoff Saturday Dance 63-05 HMV POP 1160 A G
Goddard, Geoff Come Back To Me 63-05 HMV POP 1160 B M
Goddard, Geoff Sky Men 63-10 HMV POP 1213 A G
Goddard, Geoff Walk With Me My Angel 63-10 HMV POP 1213 B M
Goddard, Geoff Come Lasses And Lads (***) G
Goddard, Geoff Come On You Sinners (***)       G
Goddard, Geoff Don't You Make My Baby Cry (full version ***) G
Goddard, Geoff Don't You Make My Baby Cry (incomplete ***)       G
Goddard, Geoff Guess That's The Way It Goes (backing track ***) G
Goddard, Geoff Here Comes The Good Times (***)       G
Goddard, Geoff High School Confidential (***)
Goddard, Geoff Hushabye Baby (***)       G
Goddard, Geoff My Head Goes Around (***) G
Goddard, Geoff Sky Men (backing track) (***)       G
Goddard, Geoff The Farmer's Boy (***) G
Goddard, Geoff unidentified backing track (***)       G?
Graham, Kenny & His Satellites Lullaby (*) 56-?? MGM E 3544
Gregory, Iain Time Will Tell 60-11 Pye 7N 15295 A  
Gregory, Iain The Night You Told A Lie 60-11 Pye 7N 15295 B D
Gregory, Iain Can't You Hear The Beat Of A Broken Heart 61-11 Pye 7N 15397 A D
Gregory, Iain Because 61-11 Pye 7N 15397 B
Gregory, Iain Mr. Lovebug 62-04 Pye 7N 15435 A D
Gregory, Iain Pocketful Of Dreams & Eyes Full Of Tears 62-04 Pye 7N 15435 B B
Heinz Dreams Do Come True 63-05 Decca F 11652 A M
Heinz Been Invited To A Party 63-05 Decca F 11652 B M/Heinz
Heinz Just Like Eddie 63-07 Decca F 11693 A G
Heinz Don't You Knock On My Door 63-07 Decca F 11693 B
Heinz I Get Up In The Morning 63-10 Decca DFE 8545 A1 M
Heinz Talk Like A Man 63-10 Decca DFE 8545 A2
Heinz That Lucky Old Sun 63-10 Decca DFE 8545 B1  
Heinz Lonely River 63-10 Decca DFE 8545 B2 M
Heinz Live It Up 63-11 Decca DFE 8559 A1 M
Heinz Don't You Understand 63-11 Decca DFE 8559 A2 M
Heinz When Your Loving Goes Wrong 63-11 Decca DFE 8559 B2 M
Heinz Country Boy 63-11 Decca F 11768 A G
Heinz Long Tall Jack 63-11 Decca F 11768 B M/Lawrence
Heinz You Were There 64-02 Decca F 11831 A G
Heinz No Matter What They Say 64-02 Decca F 11831 B M/Lawrence
Heinz Come On And Dance 64-03 Decca LK 4599
Heinz Cut Across Shorty 64-03 Decca LK 4599  
Heinz Don't Keep Pickin' At Me 64-03 Decca LK 4599 M
Heinz Hush-A-Bye 64-03 Decca LK 4599 G
Heinz I Remember 64-03 Decca LK 4599
Heinz Look For A Star 64-03 Decca LK 4599  
Heinz My Dreams 64-03 Decca LK 4599
Heinz Rumble In The Night 64-03 Decca LK 4599  
Heinz Sorry) I Ran All The Way Home 64-03 Decca LK 4599
Heinz Summertime Blues 64-03 Decca LK 4599  
Heinz Three Steps To Heaven 64-03 Decca LK 4599
Heinz Tribute To Eddie 64-03 Decca LK 4599 M
Heinz Twenty Flight Rock 64-03 Decca LK 4599
Heinz Please Little Girl 64-06 Decca F 11920 A  
Heinz For Loving Me This Way 64-06 Decca F 11920 B M
Heinz I Got A Woman (live at the Cavern) (**) 65-?? Decca SLK 16294  
Heinz Somebody To Love (live at the Cavern) (**) 65-?? Decca SLK 16294
Heinz End Of The World 65-07 Columbia DB 7656 A  
Heinz You Make Me Feel So Good 65-07 Columbia DB 7656 B M
Heinz Heart Full Of Sorrow 65-11 Columbia DB 7779 A  
Heinz Don't Worry Baby 65-11 Columbia DB 7779 B M
Heinz Movin' In 66-06 Columbia DB 7942 A A
Heinz I'm Not A Bad Guy 66-06 Columbia DB 7942 B
Heinz Come On Let's Go   nv    
Heinz Hound Dog (live) (***)
Heinz Questions I Can't Answer (live)   nv    
Heinz & Wild Boys Questions I Can't Answer 64-10 Columbia DB 7374 A
Heinz & Wild Boys Beating Of My Heart 64-10 Columbia DB 7374 B M
Heinz & Wild Boys Diggin' My Potatoes 65-02 Columbia DB 7482 A Trad, arr. M/Heinz
Heinz & Wild Boys She Ain't Coming Back 65-02 Columbia DB 7482 B M
Heinz & Wild Boys Don't Think Twice It's Alright 65-04 Columbia DB 7559 A
Heinz & Wild Boys Big Fat Spider 65-04 Columbia DB 7559 B M/Davis
Hicks, Colin & His Cabin Boys Wild Eyes And Tender Lips (*) 57-?? Pye/Nixa N 15114 B
Hockridge, Edmund Sixteen Tons (*?) (**?) 56-?? Pye/Nixa NPT 19013 A3  
Hockridge, Edmund No Other Love (*) 56-04 Pye/Nixa N 15048 A
Holland, Tony Sidewalk 63-03 HMV POP 1135 A  
Holland, Tony Time Goes By 63-03 HMV POP 1135 B M
Hollywood, Kenny Magic Star (Telstar, vocal version) 62-12 Decca F 11546 A M
Hollywood, Kenny The Wonderful Story Of Love 62-12 Decca F 11546 B G
Honeycombs Have I The Right 64-06 Pye 7N 15664 A HB
Honeycombs Please Don't Pretend Again 64-06 Pye 7N 15664 B M/Lawrence
Honeycombs Hab ich das Recht (Have I The Right) (**?) 64-06 Dt. Vogue DV 14210 A Blaikley/Montague
Honeycombs Du sollst nicht traurig sein (Please Don't Pretend Again) (**?) 64-06 Dt. Vogue DV 14210 B M/Lawrence/Holm
Honeycombs Colour Slide 64-09 Pye NPL 18097 HB
Honeycombs How The Mighty Have Fallen 64-09 Pye NPL 18097
Honeycombs I Want To Be Free 64-09 Pye NPL 18097  
Honeycombs It Ain't Neccessarily So 64-09 Pye NPL 18097
Honeycombs Just A Face In The Crowd 64-09 Pye NPL 18097  
Honeycombs Leslie Ann 64-09 Pye NPL 18097
Honeycombs Me From You 64-09 Pye NPL 18097  
Honeycombs Nice While It Lasted 64-09 Pye NPL 18097 M
Honeycombs Once You Know 64-09 Pye NPL 18097  
Honeycombs She's Too Way Out 64-09 Pye NPL 18097 M/Davies
Honeycombs That's The Way 64-09 Pye NPL 18097 HB
Honeycombs This Too Shall Pass Away 64-09 Pye NPL 18097
Honeycombs Without You It Is Night 64-09 Pye NPL 18097  
Honeycombs Is It Because 64-10 Pye 7N 15705 A HB
Honeycombs I'll Cry Tomorrow 64-10 Pye 7N 15705 B M
Honeycombs Eyes 64-11 Pye 7N 15736 A
Honeycombs If You've Gotta Pick A Baby 64-11 Pye 7N 15736 B M
Honeycombs I Can't Stop 64-11 Pye NPL 18132 HB
Honeycombs I Don't Love You No More (Promo only) 65-?? Pye 7N 15781 A  
Honeycombs Something Better Beginning 65-03 Pye 7N 15827 A
Honeycombs I'll See You Tomorrow 65-03 Pye 7N 15827 B  
Honeycombs Can't Get Through To You 65-07 Pye 7N 15890 B
Honeycombs This Year Next Year 65-11 Pye 7N 15979 A HB
Honeycombs Not Sleeping Too Well Lately 65-11 Pye 7N 15979 B M
Honeycombs All Systems Go 65-11 Pye NPL 18132  
Honeycombs Emptiness 65-11 Pye NPL 18132
Honeycombs I Don't Love Her No More 65-11 Pye NPL 18132  
Honeycombs If You Should 65-11 Pye NPL 18132
Honeycombs Love In Tokyo 65-11 Pye NPL 18132  
Honeycombs My Prayer 65-11 Pye NPL 18132
Honeycombs Nobody But Me 65-11 Pye NPL 18132  
Honeycombs Ooee Train 65-11 Pye NPL 18132
Honeycombs Our Day Will Come 65-11 Pye NPL 18132  
Honeycombs Something I've Got To Tell You 65-11 Pye NPL 18132
Honeycombs There's Always Me 65-11 Pye NPL 18132  
Honeycombs Totem Pole 65-11 Pye NPL 18132 M
Honeycombs Who Is Sylvia 66-02 Pye 7N 17059 A  
Honeycombs How Will I Know 66-02 Pye 7N 17059 B M
Honeycombs It's So Hard 66-07 Pye 7N 17138 A  
Honeycombs I Fell In Love 66-07 Pye 7N 17138 B M
Honeycombs That Lovin' Feeling 66-09 Pye 7N 17173 A  
Honeycombs Should A Man Cry 66-09 Pye 7N 17173 B M
Honeycombs I Can Tell (Something's Up) (***)        
Honeycombs Goldfinger (***)
Honeycombs Have I The Right  (***)        
Honeycombs Hurricane (***)
Honeycombs Music Train (***)        
Honeycombs Santa Claus (***)
Honeycombs Silent Night (***)        
Honeycombs Somewhere Along The Way (***)
Honeycombs That Other Girl (***)        
Honeycombs Time (***)
Honeycombs White Sands (***)        
Hotrods I Don't Love You No More 65-09 Columbia DB 7693 A
Hotrods Ain't Coming Back No More 65-09 Columbia DB 7693 B M
Impac Too Far Out 66-11 CBS 202402 A
Impac Rat Tat Ta Tat 66-11 CBS 202402 B  
Jay, Peter Paradise Garden 60-09 Pye 7N 15290 A D
Jay, Peter Who's The Girl 60-09 Pye 7N 15290 B  
Jay, Peter & Blue Men Just Too Late 60-02 Triumph RGM 1000 A D
Jay, Peter & Blue Men Friendship 60-02 Triumph RGM 1000 B  
Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Can Can '62 62-11 Decca F 11531 A
Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Redskins 62-11 Decca F 11531 B K
Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Totem Pole 63-02 Decca F 11593 A M
Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Jaywalker 63-02 Decca F 11593 B Jay/M
Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Poet And Peasant 63-05 Decca F 11659 A
Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Oo La La 63-05 Decca F 11659 B M
Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Kansas City 63-10 Decca F 11757 A
Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers Parade Of The Tin Soldiers 63-10 Decca F 11757 B  
John, David & Mood Bring It To Jerome 65-03 Parlophone R 5255 A
John, David & Mood I Love To See You Strut 65-03 Parlophone R 5255 B  
John, David & Mood Diggin' For Gold 65-07 Parlophone R 5301 A
John, David & Mood She's Fine 65-07 Parlophone R 5301 B  
John, David & Mood It's All Right nv
Johnny & Chaz & The Gunners Bobby 61-06 Decca F 11365 A  
Johnny & Chaz & The Gunners Out Of Luck 61-06 Decca F 11365 B
Jones, Tom Chills And Fever 64-08 Tower 190 A  
Jones, Tom Baby I'm In Love 64-08 Tower 190 B
Jones, Tom Chills And Fever (**) 64-08 Decca  F 11966 A  
Jones, Tom Little Lonely One 65-05 Columbia DB 7566 A
Jones, Tom That's What We'll All Do 65-05 Columbia DB 7566 B  
Jones, Tom Lonely Joe 65-10 Columbia DB 7733 A
Jones, Tom I Was A Fool 65-10 Columbia DB 7733 B  
Joy & Dave Let's Go See Gran'ma 60-03 Triumph RGM 1002 A
Joy & Dave Believe Me 60-03 Triumph RGM 1002 B D
Joy & Dave My Very Good Friend The Milkman 60-10 Decca F 11291 A
Joy & Dave Doopey Darling 60-10 Decca F 11291 B D
Joy & Dave Chahawki 62-?? nv
Joy & Dave Diamond Joe   nv   A
Joy & Dave & The Hot Shots Joe's Been A 'Gittin' There 61-12 Parlophone R 4855 A
Joy & Dave & The Hot Shots They Tell Us Not To Love (single version) 61-12 Parlophone R 4855 B D
Joy & Dave & The Hot Shots They Tell Us Not To Love (version on promo single) 61-12? Parlophone R 4855 B promo D
Joy & David Whoopee! 58-09 Parlophone R 4477 A A
Joy & David My Oh My 58-09 Parlophone R 4477 B D
Joy & David Rockin' Away The Blues 59-03 Decca F 11123 A D/A
Joy & David If You Pass Me By 59-03 Decca F 11123 B D
Kane, Paul My Fair Baby's Coming For Me   nv    
Kaye, Davy A Fool Such As I 64-03 Decca F 11866 A
Kaye, Davy It's Nice Isn't It 64-03 Decca F 11866 B  
Kaye, Davy In My Way 65-02 Decca F 12073 A
Kaye, Davy All The Stars In Heaven 65-02 Decca F 12073 B M
Kids The Old Red Lion (***) 57-?? D
Kingsley, Charles Creation Summer Without Sun 65-11 Columbia DB 7758 A  
Kingsley, Charles Creation Still In Love With You 65-11 Columbia DB 7758 B
Klein, Alan Striped Purple Shirt 62-05 Oriole CB 1719 A  
Klein, Alan You Gave Me The Blues 62-05 Oriole CB 1719 B D
Klein, Alan Three Coins In The Sewer 62-07 Oriole CB 1737 A  
Klein, Alan Danger Ahead 62-07 Oriole CB 1737 B



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Abkürzungen / Abbreviations

Meek war Balance Engineer, aber nicht Produzent der Aufnahme.
Meek was balance engineer, but not producer of the recording.

RGM- bzw. Meeksville-Produktion, aber Meek war nicht selbst an der Aufnahme beteiligt.
RGM resp. Meeksville production, but no contribution of Meek himself.

Demo-, Tea-Chest-, unvollständige oder sonstige Aufnahme
Demo, tea chest, unfinished or other recording

Die Aufnahme wurde zu Meeks Lebzeiten nicht veröffentlicht
The recording was not released within Meek's lifetime


Datumsangaben beziehen sich auf die Erstveröffentlichung, bei unveröffentlichten Aufnahmen auf das Aufnahmedatum.
Dates are related to the first release, in case of unreleased recordings to the recording date.


Komponist / Composer

M: Joe Meek
D: Robert Duke (= Joe Meek)
J: Peter Jacobs (= Joe Meek)
W: Dandy Ward (= Joe Meek)
B: Robert Baker (= Joe Meek)
K: Knight (= Joe Meek & Dick Rowe)
C: Crosley (= Joe Meek & Charles Blackwell)

G: Geoff Goddard

A: Dave Adams

HB: Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley


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