Ritchie Blackmore:

Getaway - Groups & Sessions


GB 2006, 2 CD. Castle Records CMEDD 1029

TT: 66'09 (CD 1) / 74'27 (CD 2)


  Disc 1:

Nr.   Interpret Titel Jahr
01.The OutlawsReturn Of The Outlaws63-02 RGM
02.Chad CarsonA Fool In Love63-04 RGM
03.Chad CarsonJesse James63-04 RGM
04.Burr BaileyLike A Bird Without Feathers63-06 RGM
05.Silas Dooley Jr.There's Something At The Bottom Of The Garden(nv)   RGM
06.Silas Dooley Jr.Out Behind The Barn(nv)   RGM
07.HeinzJust Like Eddie63-07 RGM
08.Gene VincentCrazy Beat (live)63-00
09.Gene VincentCatch Me A Rat (live)63-00
10.Michael CoxI've Been Thinking63-10 RGM
11.Michael CoxIn This Lonesome Old House63-10 RGM
12.Glenda CollinsIf You Gotta Pick A Baby63-11 RGM
13.Gunilla ThorneGo On Then63-11 RGM
14.The SharadesBoy Trouble64-01 RGM
15.Andy CavellTell The Truth64-02 RGM
16.Davy KayeA Fool Such As I64-03 RGM
17.The OutlawsKeep A-Knocking64-04 RGM
18.The OutlawsShake With Me64-04 RGM
19.Glenda CollinsEverybody's Got To Fall In Love64-07 RGM
20.The Rally RoundersBike Beat Part 164-00 RGM
21.The Rally RoundersBike Beat Part 264-00 RGM
22.Tanya Day & The Nu-NotesI Get So Lonely64-00
23.The OutlawsOnly For You65-00 MV
24.The SessionsBouncing Bass65-00
25.The SessionsLet Me In65-00
26.Ritchie BlackmoreBBC 1 Radio Interview 

  Disc 2:

Nr.  Interpret Titel Jahr
01.Ritchie BlackmoreGetaway65-00
02.Ritchie BlackmoreLittle Brown Jug65-00
03.The LancastersSatan's Holiday65-00
04.The LancastersEarthshaker65-00
05.Heinz & The Wild BoysDon't Think Twice It's Allright65-04 MV
06.Heinz & The Wild BoysBig Fat Spider65-04 MV
07.Jess ConradIt Can Happen To You65-05 MV
08.Screaming Lord SutchTrain Kept A-Rollin'65-06 MV
09.Screaming Lord SutchHoney Hush65-06 MV
10.Heinz & The Wild BoysI'm Not A Bad Guy66-06 MV
11.The Soul BrothersGoodbye Baby Goodbye67-00
12.Ronnie JonesSatisfy My Soul66-00
13.Ronnie JonesMy Only Souvenir66-00
14.The New Soul BrothersGirl It's You67-00
15.Tony WilsonWhat Did I Do ?67-00
16.Neil ChristianMy Baby Left Me68-00
17.Neil ChristianYakety Yak68-00
18.BozI Shall Be Released68-05
19.BozDown In The Flood68-05
20.Anan Standing Still68-00
21.Sun DragonSo You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star68-00
21.Sun DragonFive White Horses68-00
22.Green BullfrogWho Do You Love71-03
23.Green BullfrogAin't Nobody Home71-03
24.Green BullfrogLouisiana Man71-03
25.Green BullfrogBullfrog71-03


Eine gute Zusammenstellung der Schaffensphase von Ritchie Blackmore vor und während Deep Purple inklusive zahlreicher RGM- und Meeksville (MV)-Produktionen. Mit den anderen Produktionen hat Joe Meek nichts zu tun.

A fine compilation of the recording output of Ritchie Blackmore before and during Deep Purple times including numerous RGM and Meeksville (MV) productions. Joe Meek has nothing to do with the other recordings.



Abkürzungen / Abbreviations

(*): Meek war Balance Engineer, aber nicht Produzent der Aufnahme. / Meek was balance engineer, but not producer of the recording.

(**): RGM- bzw. Meeksville-Produktion, aber Meek war nicht selbst an der Aufnahme beteiligt. / RGM resp. Meeksville production, but no contribution of Meek himself.

(***): Demo- oder nicht fertiggestellte Aufnahme / Demo or unfinished recording

nv: Die Aufnahme wurde zu Meeks Lebzeiten nicht veröffentlicht. / The recording was not released within Meek's lifetime.


Komponisten / Composers

M: Joe Meek; D: Robert Duke (= Joe Meek); J: Peter Jacobs (= Joe Meek); W: Dandy Ward (= Joe Meek); B: Robert Baker (= Joe Meek); K: Knight (= Joe Meek & Dick Rowe); C: Crosley (= Joe Meek & Charles Blackwell); G: Geoff Goddard; A: Dave Adams; HB: Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley

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